Welcome to TIA ROLLER

Many great inventions start as great ideas, the story of TIA ROLLER is no different. We are focused on and dedicated to take your painting experience to a superior level. Our dedicated owners and experienced staff continue to deliver top quality paint rollers from our facility in Madurai, which has earned us respect amongst painting professionals and amateurs alike.

TIA Rollers are carefully crafted with European technology to suit every need in this new world.

TIA Rollers is INDIA'S premium brand in providing painting solution to industrial needs and commercial sector.

With a real focus on quality and an understanding of the market, we have all you need to get started when you want to paint.

You will find our products in leading painting and decorating outlets throughout India offering an extensive range of products aimed at satisfy everyone’s need and imagination.

We welcome you, through this site, to learn about the history of our company and the products we offer.

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